Tekscan, Inc. in partnership with Digital Smile Design (DSD) are proud to be working together on raising the bar in dental care by using digital technology to establish protocols that will enhance patient communication and improve treatment outcomes. Tekscan is dedicated to providing clinicians with the ability to give patients unmatched insight into how their beautiful smiles function behind the scenes. When dentists and patients are co-designing their smiles, both Tekscan and Digital Smile Design are committed to ensuring these smiles last a lifetime.

As the saying goes, form follows function. With T-Scan, DSD practitioners can reveal bite force and timing data in a visually engaging way, and then use this information to ensure a patient’s bite is balanced and functioning harmoniously. Providing a beautifully formed and flawlessly functional smile is the combined goal of Tekscan and DSD.

Christian Coachman, founder of DSD, is assured the partnership can only enhance the treatment procedures and final result delivered by his DSD dentists.

“T-Scan is a perfect fit to the DSD storyline in all aspects. We love function and digital, so nothing better to combine both worlds than T-Scan. Besides that, it also improves one of the key factors of the DSD Concept, patient education and motivation. T-Scan as a great visual tool to increase the understanding and awareness of occlusal issues.”